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Smart design is meant to be functional, not perceptible. Excellent creative draws attention to the subject matter, not to itself. Except on The Digital Shortlist. This is a new kind of online graphic design contest, marketing competition, web design contest, and ad award all in one. Here, the greatest creative from professionals and college students is given due honor and attention.

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This isn’t about glory, glamour, or ego. Here, it’s all about respecting the WORK.
Submissions are now open. Enter one of the below categories:

Best Brand Content Award

Best Brand Content

If content is king then you are the king-maker, a god among so many second-rate scribes and a backwater bloggers. Send us your works and we’ll honor you with the praise befitting an almighty content creator.

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Best Branding Award

Best Branding

The Supreme Court says brands are people but really they are more like the dead guy from Weekend at Bernie’s and you are the dudes who dress and move him around.

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Best Email Marketing Award

Best Email Marketing

Your subject lines are like poetry, your designs simply divine. If you turn inboxes into profit centers and emails into gold mines, this is your where you apply.

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Best Illustration Award

Best Illustration

You exhibit mastery with a mouse, savagery with a stylus, and prodigiousness with the old fashioned pen and paper. If you are an illustrator with the illest of skills, submit your stuff.

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Best Logo Award

Best Logo

If your logo designs are more of a badge of honor than an empty exercise in branding, this is the place to make it known and let your designs be shown.

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Best Multimedia Award

Best Multimedia

The media landscape is looking more Salvador Dalí than Ansel Adams these days. If you managed to navigate the wild world of digital content to create a multimedia masterpiece, show it off.

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Best Packaging Award

Best Packaging

People judge books by their covers. Appearances are everything in this biz and if you have the packaging design chops, we’ll get it in front of companies looking to set their goods apart.

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Best Photography Award

Best Photography

We aren’t talking about a pic of your brunch with an artfully applied Instagram filter. If your focus is capturing reality in unrelenting and uncompromising way, we are here for it.

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Best Set Design Award

Best Set Design

All of life’s a stage, but only a small part of life consists of amazing sets. Set designers are unsung heroes, so let’s get singing, baby.

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Best Social Ad (Art) Award

Best Social Ad (Art)

Social media is primarily a tool for stalking acquaintances and shouting at strangers, but you can also sell a lot of stuff through great ads.

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Best Social Ad (Video) Award

Best Social Ad (Video)

Video has been a hot commodity ever since flip books were invented. Now video is everywhere and everything to digital content marketers.

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Best Social Campaign Award

Best Social Campaign

Brands are like old people on social: they are most likely just going to say something embarrassing. If there was a time where you did the opposite of that, you may deserve an award.

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Best Street Art Award

Best Street Art

We separate the artist from the taggers, the visionaries from the vandals. You wouldn’t see shooting stars if they never took a shot. When will you take yours?

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Best Traditional Campaign Award

Best Traditional Campaign

Basically if they did it on Mad Men, it’s traditional advertising. If you did some of that, submit it here.

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Best Typography Award

Best Typography

Is there anything better than some good looking letters? If you can make even the nastiest words look pretty, let us have a peek.

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Best UX Award

Best UX

We are looking for the Jimi Hendrix Experience of user experience. If intuitive interfaces are how you shred, play on.

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Best Web Design Award

Best Web Design

The best web design is useful, functional, beautiful, majestical, don’t-want-to-click-away-tiful.

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Best Motion Graphics Award

Best Motion Graphics

Our parents taught us not to judge people by their looks. But when it comes to motion graphic design, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

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Uncategorizable (a.k.a.

Uncategorizable (a.k.a. "None of The Above")

Did you create something that shuns convention, defies definition, and boggles the mind? This is the category for you––for the projects that cannot be categorized… and also the ones that could be categorized but doesn’t fit the ones above.

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