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What Is The Digital Shortlist?

This is a weekly competition for creative professionals. Our goal is to recognize and elevate the often underappreciated individual achievements in design and marketing. Winners are announced each week and promoted across our email lists and social accounts. So there are non-stop opportunities to get your skills noticed.

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Why Do I Care?

You are human, correct? That means you have some specific needs: to satisfy your ego and to earn a living. The Digital Shortlist can help accomplish both. Compared to other advertising competitions or website awards, The Digital Shortlist will actively promote the winners. That hits their egos right in the spot. That puts their work in front of CEOs, business owners, and marketing execs who may pay you to do what you do best. That hits their wallets where it counts.

How does it work?

The world is full of beauty and mystery. This website has plenty of the latter, but none of the former. Let’s get into how our little contest works.

1 – Creative people submit their creative work for $25.

The submissions come from students and professionals who work in various roles in media and advertising. Most often they’re freelancers who want to show off what they’ve been working on in their little home office all day.

2 – Judges pick a winner each week.

They tend to prefer submissions that are expertly executed, unmistakably original, or just have a certain je ne sais quoi.

3 – Winners take a bow.

The winning submissions are displayed on the website for all to see. The maestros who created the selected pieces will have bragging rights for life. ✌️


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