Go Ahead, Tickle Us

Go Ahead, Tickle Us
With the wave of new creativity entering the advertising market like a typhoon spun from Poseidon’s bachelor party, it’s only right someone picks them apart to toss out the bad and separate the good from the godly. The Digital Shortlist is our way of doing that. We are the masters of everything digital and all things design, ready to anoint the best creative ad as king, and gently let everyone else know that they would be better off in another career and to never try to be creative ever again. Ok, maybe we’re not so gentle. But in a world full of artificial creatives, real recognize real and we’ve made it our personal priority to filter out the posers and the pretenders.
We have always admired top-tier work and that will never change. The Digital Shortlist is a series that features artists, designers, writers and their best work that we feel deserves to be put on a big bright pedestal. As the gatekeepers for amazing creative work and the face of unique advertising, pointing out worthy creative work is our prerogative.
This series will include top recipients of digital advertising awards in 2018, website awards, copywriting awards, and more. All of which we deemed as arousing, enthralling, uniquely weird, or straight up out of this world.  At our Austin advertising agency, we believe creative advertising is more than an art. It is an expression of oneself, and there shouldn’t be any monetary restrictions preventing an individual from expressing themselves on a larger platform.
We’re out to create something better than a monotonous billboard or a templated landing page with hundreds of others that look just like it. We’re out to find the diamond in the extremely rough spectrum of questionable creative work and find the best creative ad out there. The Digital Shortlist is a series dedicated to praising the advertisers who not only stray from the norm, but spill their diet coke on it while giving it the finger.
We will be picking the top winners from different advertising awards categories such as copywriting awards and illustration awards, then display them on our platform for all to see.  Will you be able to catch our creative eye? Will you be able to tickle our tumultuous perspective? Submit your work, and find out.

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