Take Down The System by Taking a Stance

Take Down The System by Taking a Stance

Rough, Rowdy, and Radically Inspired

If you were to take a group of creatives and throw them in a police line-up, there’s a chance you might not think anything is out of place. A good portion of us are rag-tag professionals who have or still do live life in the fast lane. It’s the life that brought us to our creative pinnacles and inspires us to think the way we do.

So why would we change?

Luckily, the agencies we choose to work for are aligned with these lifestyles. They know that wild and crazy ideas are some of the best ideas, and they know that creative advertising ideas manifest themselves by living a wild and crazy life. But how do you attract these types of individuals? And how do you convince them that your brand or agency is going to not only stoke that fire, but preserve and support it as well?

By starting a kick-ass advertising and design awards platform of course.

The Proving Platform

The Digital Shortlist was started to attract designers, writers, animators, and creatives from across the globe to show their stuff and prove that they’ve got what it takes to make it in this industry.

But even those who think they are “established” in the industry still have something to prove. New talent is constantly pouring into the field so it becomes critical to constantly be coming up with new and innovative creative advertising ideas and pushing the boundaries of marketing. And these are the types of individuals we seek out.

In order to build a design community to be reckoned with, you need to emanate an attitude of competitiveness and infinite curiosity. Even if what we do is the best, even if we get awarded for being one of the top advertising agencies in Austin, we still never settle.

Nothing is ever perfect. Everything can be improved.

It’s with this attitude that we continue to excel as an agency and design awards platform alike. But it’s not all business. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to actually enjoy your job and the work you put out. It’s possible to generate those same feelings of thrill and joy that you experience outside of work living your extraordinary life. However, this is highly dependant on the people you work with, not just the people you work for, or the work you do.

Rebels Wanted

If you twinge whenever you hear curse words, are highly religious, or just straight up prude, we suggest you stop reading this blog immediately and go do something more in your nature – like hug a tree or knit sweaters for an old folk’s home.

But if you’re not scared off easily, if you stray from the straight and narrow, and do everything in your life with a passion for being different, then you might have what it takes to get your work on The Digital Shortlist.

See, we have a problem with rules and guidelines. For years academia and institutions everywhere teach you a certain way of doing things. A certain manner to conduct yourself by. But what many soon discover, or try to ignore following their exit from these institutions, is that life doesn’t have rules. And in advertising specifically, following a certain set of guidelines won’t set you apart from anyone else. Following guidelines will make you blend in with the rest of the crowd.

So if that’s what you want, go ahead, follow the monotony of societal restrictions and constraints. But we here at The Digital Shortlist want rebels. We want individuals who give the finger to the rule book and come up with their own style, their own way of doing things. Because that’s where some of the best creative advertising ideas are born.  

If this sounds like you, or something you want to be a part of, we suggest you stop wasting any more time. The industry is moving like a locomotive and isn’t waiting for anyone to catch up. So climb aboard, and start breaking the rules.


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