Not All Content Is Created Equal

Not All Content Is Created Equal

Not All Content is Created Equal

I think there are two types of content: Shit you’ve seen before, and the shit that makes you feel something; I mean really feel. Mix that with some focused messaging and you’ve created magic. Some content was never meant to be seen, no less be given an advertising award for it. And other content really does deserve the spotlight, yet remains hidden from a majority of people who would’ve appreciated it. 

I think a narrative can develop within a graphic if executed properly, even without messaging. As a content designer or marketer, you only have so much time before you lose the potential customer, follower, or subscriber. You have to start a story in that person’s head. One that not only keeps them engaged with your content but also resonates with them. Once you’ve tapped into their moment, you’ve won.


The image below has not a single word present but is in motion. The story has started. The movement of the piece garners your attention and keeps you engaged long after the thought of “what a well-constructed digital design” is, leaves your mind. Before you scroll, you think about the work you’ve encountered. You feel. It’s creative advertising inspiration in its most raw form.

creative advertising inspiration

Content Allurement

Another image that has stuck out for me recently is the shot below. Do you know what is happening or has happened? No. Do you need to know what is happening or has happened? No. The story is there. It’s telling you all you need to know. The beauty of graphic design (for the consumer of the images) comes without having to know everything. You take what you need to take from the image. This is what some content featured as “ads of the week” or “best ads of the year” stray away from. They try too hard to tell a story that ends up coming off as forced, instead of felt.

creative advertising inspiration

The Meshing of Design vs. Reality

The final image today is the perfect mix of design and reality. If you were born before 2000, you resonate with the the raised numbers and buttons of the payphone booth seen below. The thrill of nailing each number in perfect sequence to cause a phone call to someone dear, or not so dear, to you.

The coin slot tells of countless moments purchased and a few that were never meant to be. The wired phone brings about nervous memories wanting and hoping for that person to pick up, to answer. As the phone rests gently on the hook you understand the beginning and the end of phone calls are merely capping a moment shared between two people, however heavy.

The words within the image prompt a simple action: “Tell her you love her.” And maybe the “her” mentioned is your mom who’s had a tough year, or your sister who’s struggling to blossom in college, or the girl whom you never told.

creative advertising inspiration

But then again, that’s just what I took from it. The fact of the matter is creative advertising inspiration is beheld to the perceiver, and can take a variety of forms depending on who you are or what you’ve been through. 


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