Feathers of a Flamingo

Feathers of a Flamingo

Since the introduction of smart devices and social networks, the process of selling and consuming goods has become easier than ever.

But, with the oversaturation of product advertising and ease of online shopping, what makes a company stand out? When anyone and everyone can sell something online, how does a business make their product stand out from all the rest?

The Customer Journey

When it comes to stirring things up in your marketplace, some agency of the year award isn’t going to make a difference. The customer journey is. The customer journey is the path that a user takes from the time they see something they like, to the time they actually pull the trigger and purchase. This process can go a lot of different ways, several of which I have been exposed to during my time in digital advertising.

What I am personally inspired by is when I’m taken on a customer journey I actually enjoy. When I’m being “served” something that feels as though it was made to fit my specific needs, not just those of another faceless buyer. What gets me even more excited? When I’m taken on an experience so flawless, natural, and unobtrusive it’s almost undetectable.

As a paid media buyer for client’s that advertise their products on social networks, I’ve seen the journey go terribly wrong. The impact for me is more from a reflective standpoint, but everyone else is another customer that they just lost.

However, during the rare occurrence where you experience a journey laden in cloth, and seamlessly go from product page to check-out window as if being guided by some metaphysical hand of God, then they’re doing something right. A quality customer journey like this is one of the most colorful feathers an e-commerce company can add to their sales tactics.

Flamingo Body Care

I had purchased razors a couple years back through Dollar Shave Club. They got me with their “gender neutral” razor blades, free shipping, auto-fulfillment, and billing. I never had to do a thing once my initial order was placed. The razors came every month, like clockwork, for over 2 years. Their process was so seamless they didn’t even need creative advertising ideas to emphasize how great their product was.

Then, something changed. I’m not sure if it was product quality or a developed skin sensitivity but I started really hating these razors. I was getting consistent razor burn, the blades seemed to dull after the first use, and the shave wasn’t close at all, I missed my Venus.

And then, it happened. As I was taking a daily scroll through my Instagram feed, I saw it. Flamingo: Affordable razors made with women in mind. I skeptically clicked the ad and went to the website. Simple, easy-to-follow, and modern format, mobile friendly.

I was interested. But, as I said previously, I do this for a living. I help client’s pique interests and sell their products and services online. I wasn’t going to let them take my money that easily, and I wasn’t handing out any website awards just yet. So, I left the site and forgot about it. Until the next time I showered. A few days went by, I had thought about those razors a couple of times but couldn’t remember the brand name.

Re-targeting Romance

Sure enough, I see another Flamingo product ad on my feed (of the items I had looked at previously) with a caption that said something along the lines of “our razors give a close shave and were specifically designed for a woman’s body, without the markup.” Intrigued, I clicked again. The transition to their website was so smooth, the add to cart was effortless, and the initiate checkout process was without flaw. But still, I wasn’t convinced.

A few more days go by. I see another ad providing a solution to the problem I was currently having with my razor. I filled my cart and pulled the trigger. Within minutes, I received my confirmation email and tracking information. My order would arrive within the week. I broke up with Dollar Shave Club and haven’t looked back since.

So What?

So, what’s to be learned from this story? Why would a person consider this inspiring? As a digital marketer whose objective is to do the same for our clients, there’s a lot about this customer journey that was done right.

  1. They threw out a hook and waited for the bite
  2. Once they knew I was interested, they followed up in a staggered and unobtrusive fashion. Presenting gentle reminders that their product was the solution to my problem, with both verbal and visually stimulating content.
  3. They didn’t give up. A good marketer understands that 9 times out of 10 a user won’t buy your product or service right off the bat. The market is much too saturated now. Users have started to glaze things over. You must be persistent in your efforts, but in a subtle way.
  4. Since purchasing, I haven’t seen a single paid ad from them, which was the cherry on top of a seamless buying experience. Why? Because it tells me that their marketing team understands what stage each user is at in their customer journey. Any paid advertising content that is being presented to you should be catered to your level of exposure with that company’s brand. You don’t want a person who has never even heard of your company seeing the same advertisements as someone that’s already bought from your business multiple times

The Perfect Formula

Flamingo did everything right in the realm of Customer Journey and got the sale. Not only that, but the razors are actually amazing, the branding speaks to me on a personal level, and the UX friendly site and excellent customer service has won me over, I’ll definitely be purchasing again.

And that, my friends, is what inspires me. When I come across a company whose digital advertising has been formulated perfectly and has content specifically catered to the user’s exposure level. It’s an art form really, the new-age of direct response marketing. Anyone who is considering selling their products via social should take note. It’s a wonderful time to be in the world of E-commerce.


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