Dude, Just Start

Dude, Just Start

Not to toot the horn of overrated motivational speakers, but they got some things right:

You are in your own way of meeting your goals.

For the creative industry (writers, graphic designers, influencers, podcasters, etc), the biggest risk to your creative endeavors… is you. You not wanting to start. You thinking you need more experience. You waiting for the right time, right place, right mood.

Students. Part time freelancers. Full time freelancers. Contract workers. Career-changers. The biggest move you have to make is just STARTING.

Get This

You don’t have to know everything. No one ever truly knows everything, and the best and quickest way to learn is on-the-job. You’ll do things wrong. You’ll learn from it. You’ll fall for common amateur mistakes, and then never make them again.

If you’re trying to expand your portfolio further than Issuu, Instagram, an online magazine, if you’re scared to transition to full-time freelancing, if you’re trying to read up before recording the first podcast episode, you’re already in the hard part.

Do yourself a favor and get out of your own way. Put pen to paper, stylus to screen, whatever to whatever, and just start.

Things will move quicker than you realize and your long-standing future vision will finally be right in front of you.

The step after that?

Get noticed.

Our digital design magazine and competition doesn’t look at years in the industry. Just start by sending us one thing, and stand out for what you do.


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