High Achievers Are Nothin’ Without Emotional Intelligence

High Achievers Are Nothin’ Without Emotional Intelligence


Startup junkies, freelancers, influencer marketers, executives, business owners alike, in the latest age of tech companies, fast-paced jobs, and the culture of remote work and changing careers and companies (no longer giving 40 years to one place), one thing has got to get drilled down into everybody’s mind.

Your high achievers, your dedicated people, your most passionate workers, whether it’s yourself or your employees… none of them are sustainable at this rate without emotional intelligence.

Your startup’s latest grab of a highly passionate person? They’ll burn out after a year if they’re not aware enough to set boundaries related to overtime and work-life balance.

Your small business’ new sales team? Won’t work effectively if they can’t communicate well with you and each other.

Are expectations made to be exceeded?

YOU — entrepreneur or creative freelancer or what have you, you can’t meet your own expectations if you aren’t being real with yourself about what’s too much to take on. What’s too time consuming. What’s not worth your mental health or sleep. What drains you and what energizes you.

Even if you don’t care about these things by themselves– you’re putting yourself at risk if you don’t care about how they affect your creative/business success and future vision. Are you letting your work speak for itself– putting in its own hours so you’re able to sleep and take charge again the next day?

Soft Skills Are Not So Soft Anymore

You want an employee who can communicate that they’re not doing their best when you have them work 60 hours one week and 20 the next. You want to be someone that knows their limits, when they need to be challenged versus when they need to calm down, and how your success is filtered through it all.

As a creative professional myself, I know what burnout feels like. I know what work-life balance is compared to work-life integration. I know when a challenge is going to push me to be my best and when it’s going to negatively affect my brain for weeks to come as I try to recover.

Bosses want to respect you. That means sticking up for yourself when they (whether they know it or not) try to walk all over you. It’s why the best companies out there aren’t the ones that pay you to show up, work, and go home. They’re the ones that allow you to show up as a whole human being, with other obligations, pets, families, car troubles, etc. and respect you for being honest with it. It drives how they hire people, and it’s how you can stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re an independent freelancer or a boss, consider this:

Your growth and success is directly related not to how hard you work, but how smart you work. And smart work must come with emotional intelligence about how to best spend your time.

Our digital design magazine isn’t run by people that are constantly on the verge of quitting– and you can tell. It’s why people like to win the Uncategorizable award category and it’s why they trust us to judge work for its creative ingenuity– not by how much the designer paid us to enter.

Quality > Quantity

Smart work is letting your work– work for you. Living on different sites, magazines, Issuu, and legit competitions, bringing you credibility and acknowledgement.

Serve up your work to us, so we can serve up your work to others. In that saved time, practice gauging how to do your best and create winning work.

The days of head-down sleepless jobs are gone– show people what you’ve got when you’re performing at top-tier, something that only comes with personal emotional intelligence. Your portfolio will thank you for it.


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