Intuition Whispers, Fear Yells

Intuition Whispers, Fear Yells

Chances are as a creative person (influencer marketing, freelancing, etc.) you’ve already got a ~somewhat~ weirdo reputation. People that aren’t in your field might think poetry is lame and anyone can be a designer; we all know what it sounds like. But if you’re already a weirdo, might as well embrace it, right?

We’re about to get weird and talk about how Rock Candy Media thinks creatives are more in touch with their intuition and who they are. Their gut. Their instincts.

We, as a digital design magazine, talk about ‘future vision’ a lot. We share exactly how creatives can future-proof their brand and we try to get them out of tunnel vision and into our perspectives of where their creative business is headed.

Trusting Guts

So, we can’t tell the future and we don’t have any crystal balls, but we do have guts, and we trust them. We don’t overlook research, but we listen to ourselves even more and it hasn’t failed us yet (and it’s been almost 10 years).

Whoever you are in the creative field, whether you’re a student or 20 years into a career and have already been published in digital branding magazines, we know you can trust your intuition. We want to highlight people who make daring decisions not just for the hell of it, but because they truly trust themselves and know how to tune into their intuition.

Intuition Whispers, Fear Yells

We like people that have hunches and act on it. We hire people that way and it means they can differentiate intuition from fear. It shows confidence and innate talent– and practice makes perfect.

In your creative decisions, putting yourself out there for the world to see, in pitching yourself for new projects, practice tuning into what your gut tells you. We have a hunch it won’t lead you astray; then you can show us exactly what it led to.


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