Job Seekers Could Learn a Thing or Two From Tattoo Junkies

Job Seekers Could Learn a Thing or Two From Tattoo Junkies

We’re on the brink of an era where tattoos (non-graphic) in the workplace are no biggie. What was once a devilish young person’s mistake is now seen as what it actually is: expression and artwork. And who would push you out of a possible job for being expressive and confident in your decisions?

So let’s talk about what it’s like to find the perfect tattoo artist because, as it turns out, job seekers could learn a thing or two from this process.

  1. You want someone that’s your style, obviously. If you want modern, minimal line work, your first stop isn’t going to be with the traditionalist artist that specializes in classic sailor-y looking artwork.
  2. You want an artist that did a killer apprenticeship. They did their hard labor. They did tattoo themselves 20 times to learn about human skin and the pain before they were allowed to tattoo anyone else. They’re covered in tattoos themselves.
  3. You want an artist that has evidence of learning — whether it be a visible development of their talent on their body or in their client portfolio, or is happy to show you a cover-up they did on themselves and what it used to be. Don’t shy away from artists with cover-ups– it shows they learned and developed and know there is always room to grow. They’re the ones that are dedicated and passionate about doing their best for their clients.

When it comes to job hunting, it’s NO DIFFERENT.

You interview for jobs all the time, but have you ever interviewed your interviewer back, the way you would talk to a tattoo artist? Bosses always ask at the end of an interview if you have any questions for them (and if they don’t, it’s a great opportunity for you to step up and say that you do… people like proactivity).

Like with a prospective tattoo artist, never trust an interviewer or boss that says they’ve never done anything wrong. They should want to display their journey in their business just as tattoo artists are covered head to toe. They should want to be honest with you about the position and the business.

  • Where’s a “coverup” or mistake in their business’ history, and what’s the story behind it?
  • What part of their [industry, branding, etc] is most painful or hard to figure out? Did they once have ATROCIOUS logo ideas as a startup; who saved their branding?
  • What’s their proudest design or accomplishment as a business owner? When did they know their best website design was award-worthy?
  • How much of the displayed work did they do themselves vs. have outsourced? Do their best ideas tend to come from freelancers, internal team members, or local ad agencies like Rock Candy Media?
  • How daring were they? Do they regret anything? Where and when did they make a mistake, how did they learn from it, and what does the outcome look like now?

Don’t trust a boss that says they’ve never done anything wrong.

You’ll be getting yourself into a company culture that doesn’t value honesty and learning from mistakes. Don’t trust a tattoo artist that isn’t covered themselves.

That’s how you find a place where you can thrive as a young employee, not to mention a way to wow the interviewer. Find your fit, in tattoo, corporate, or startup world by sticking to people that display themselves honestly and want to see you do the same.

That’s how we operate as Rock Candy Media’s magazine in Austin, TX— hosting a competition for best logos, most creative execution, web design trends, and more, straight from the people that are honest and daring in their journey.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, show us your stuff. We might like it, and if we do, your next interviewer will too.


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