What to do after you submit to Ads of the World

What to do after you submit to Ads of the World

Ads of the World is a great resource for advertising copywriters and designers. Aspiring creative directors can find some of the most inventive campaigns from all over the world in one place. It is especially useful when you’re first starting out in advertising and need a sense of what the industry values.

But what are your next steps? As an ambitious advertising creative professional, how do you get more recognition that’s more likely to lead to progress in your career?

This is the exact type of question that led us to create The Digital Shortlist. Because submitting to Ads of the World only gets you so far. As an Austin-based advertising agency, we have submitted our work to Ads of the World as a way of putting ourselves out there in the advertising community. However, the people who visit that site are mostly people like us. They are not able to offer us new opportunities, and are there to find inspiration.

With The Digital Shortlist, we created a new kind of marketing and website competition—one that is specifically aimed at highlighting creative individuals over entire agencies. Professionals and students send us their best work, so we want to give them their best shot at getting not just recognition, but actual career opportunities. So, we actively promote the winners’ work across our digital channels to get in front of high-level execs and company owners who have the power to actually hire them.

While we have all the love on Earth to give to Ads of the World, we thought we could do you one better. If you have some next level creative to show off, submit it here.


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