The Print Narrative

The Print Narrative

The Print Narrative

I have always had a fascination with the print medium. And no, I am not talking about what that plastic junk box spits out at you at work when you need a printed document, I am talking about the fulfilling ritual of peeling away thick paper off a slab of stone, linoleum, or sheet of metal after manually applying the ink and running it through a press. Before the age of Illustrator, a carving tool was the instrument of creating illustrations for mass production and Derrick Castle (@strawcastle) shows us how a master does it.
When you illustrate on a digital screen you get lost in using anchors, pre-established shapes, and worrying about being pixel perfect. When you see a hand-carved or drawn design it resonates with you and feels more human. When designs are created by hand they naturally gain this extra level of depth and create more of a personal impact rather than a flat and too-perfect computer-generated design.
I like to take a step back from my screen and draw my ideas out on paper and look at prints made by people like Castle. What inspires me isn’t just the level of detail, the imperfect marks that provide depth, or the representation of movement, it’s the astonishing ability to tell a narrative in a way not possible through a keypad and mouse. When I took a copper etching class in college it gave me a new perspective and appreciation for making a design. It made illustrating more of a personal experience and It inspires me to take my time and think about the narrative and message of a project.
Many of the best designers come from a traditional method of creating art whether that be a hand-lettering master driven by painting grim portraits or a self-taught motion media wizard that studied color theory with a spray can and brick wall. When you can see and feel the emotion of every line in a design that’s when you know it was created by someone that went through a certain level of self-discovery. It’s a process that makes the production more authentic. That is how I want everything I design to make my audience feel.
Featured Artist: Derrick Castle (@Strawcastle)
Perspective by Vandal Novacek, Rock Candy Media Graphic Designer 

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