If you have a question, it’s probably one of these. Here’s the answer…

Who is eligible??


Any individual working in a creative field is eligible to submit their work to any award. The work must have been completed by the individual submitting. Agencies or other companies cannot submit as an entity.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $20. We keep the price low to encourage individuals to submit at any level. We have to have it cost something so we don’t get flooded with garbage.

How do I submit?


The only way to submit is through the website. You can find the submission page here.

Submissions are not accepted by email, mail or carrier pigeon, or any other method.

When can I submit? When are winners announced?


Submissions are always open. You can submit right now. You can also submit later. Winners are chosen each week. Their work will be displayed on the site and we will send them the good news via email.

Can I edit an entry already submitted?


Unfortunately, no. If you want to submit more than once, you are welcome to enter multiple works. But once they are submitted, they will be judged as-is.

What if I’m not sure which category my work fits under? Or if it fits under multiple categories?


Just pick one and if we determine it’s better suited for another, we’ll make sure it gets a fair shot under that category as well.

Can I submit work I collaborated on with others?


The award is for the work itself, which means any accolades belong to its creators. If you worked on it with someone else, and you win, they deserve credit for their role. So go ahead and submit, and be sure to share the bragging rights.

How do I submit my UX or website work?


Include a screenshot or series of screenshots that demonstrate the experience. Or, if it’s a live experience we can access, just send a link.

Refund Policy


All entry submissions are final and entry fees are nonrefundable.


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